What we do

We have a number of recurring events, some weekly and others annually, but no one should feel pressure to come to each and every thing we do. Our aim is to create an environment where the Georgetown community is openly invited to come and worship God.

All are always invited – whether you’ve been a Christian for years or never touched a Bible; whether this is your 50th time to come, your first in weeks, or your first ever. Email us at gtowniv@gmail.com for more details about any of these.

The Well (Large Group)

Our large group, called the Well, is a weekly gathering of our entire chapter for fellowship, teaching, and prayer. We explore topics that will help Christians to grow in their faith and to spread the news of the Gospel to others. We spend time hearing from our fellow students about God’s work in their life, listening to someone explain passages from Scripture, and singing songs of praise to God.

We meet on Thursdays at 6:00 pm. Like our Facebook page for current location information.

Small Groups

Small Groups are communities of students who are interested in growing close relationships and pursuing God together. In addition to weekly Bible studies, Small Groups are about building relationships and community with each other and with the Georgetown community. Prayer, discipleship, and outreach also play a distinct role in the activities of our Small Groups.

Whether you’re new to Georgetown or just new to IV, we’d encourage you to get involved with one.


Georgetown InterVarsity has a few opportunities to leave the District for a weekend of fellowship and bonding with other area InterVarsity chapters. There is a conference each semester. The spring conference includes a senior track that guides graduating students in a discussion of what being a faithful witness looks like after leaving Georgetown.

DC Urban Plunge

Join us in Southeast DC over Spring Break from Saturday to Thursday for the DC Urban Plunge as we learn about what the Bible has to say about poverty, economic justice, and racial reconciliation. Through prayer, experience, scripture, and discussion, we’ll be looking at what it means to serve God faithfully in the midst of brokenness. Not simply a day trip from Georgetown, we’ll be living and volunteering while immersed in the community.

Chapter Camp

Once you’re done with finals and have packed your books away, prepare yourself for a summer away from the community you have grown to love by immersing yourself in the study of God’s word as it relates to leadership, community, and the Christian faith. This is an entire week at Lake Champion, New York, spent with InterVarsity chapters from across the Mid-Atlantic region. Get out on the lake with your friends in a canoe, organize a game of beach volleyball with your friends, or hang out in the newly-renovated game room with students from PA, MD, DC, and NY!

Bridge DC

As college students, we’ve been given the great blessing of summer vacation to take a break from academics to learn how to love God and serve others better. Explore these opportunities, or ask us about others.

Live in Christian community in underserved areas of DC while interning at a local ministry or agency. Past participants have served children, adults with HIV, and immigrants. Through discussion, scripture, readings, and experience you’ll learn from people of differing ethnic and cultural backgrounds in the context of an urban community.

Application deadline: April 1

Learn more: Go the Urban Program Website or contact bridge.dc.urban.program@gmail.com